Executive & Leadership Coaching

Focusing on the person's personal and professional needs, we provide leaders with coaching to support them in moving forward. 

Depending on your needs, one-on-one coaching includes:

  • support and accountability for desired behavioral or organizational changes
  • empathy around work or life challenges — a place to be heard without being judged — so that you can get clarity of how to move forward
  • a neutral perspective from an experienced business leader and facilitator

Culture and Leadership Assessments

We are thrilled to partner with CTT Certified Consultant, Gregg Kendrick in offering tools and resources from Barrett Values Centre to support clients in their personal, leadership and cultural transformation. The tools define an actionable road map that becomes an integral part of a leader's personal development plan and business strategy.

The tools have been used to measure the values of over 6,000 organizations and 3,000 leaders in 80 countries. They help foster the transformation of corporations, NGOs, government and municipal agencies, communities, schools, and nations. The CTT values assessment instruments are available in over 50 languages.

We believe that organizations, teams, schools, nations, and communities function better when leaders are focused on building needs- or values-driven cultures that benefit people and society. When you measure your culture, you can manage it.