Needs-based Mediation combines the proven cost-effective benefits of mediation with the enhancing focus of Nonviolent Communication. This assisted conversation is a valuable way to reconnect key people who are in conflict so that once again their creative collaboration is available to the organization’s mission.



When possible we prefer to meet with each party individually, confidentially and in private, before bringing everyone together. During this pre-mediation session you can help us understand the situation and what’s important to you and we can explain how the process works and answer questions.


Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching can be very helpful when it’s not possible to have a mediated conversation with the other person or when the issue is really more internal. In conflict coaching we assist you in working through the dynamics of a conflict in one-on-one sessions. Through deep listening and a variety of processes and exercises we help you explore the conflict fully, whether it is a conflict with another or an internal conflict where you might be struggling with a choice or just experiencing a lack of clear direction. We prefer to hold conflict coaching sessions in person, however telephone or Skype sessions are also an option.