Facilitated "Whole-Team" Conversations

We design and facilitate conversations that are critical for team success through a process that enhances unity and connection among the group while at the same time advances the group towards its strategic goals and initiatives. 

Participants in this process can be a Leadership or Management Team, Board of Directors, members of a department, or any other group of people that work together.

Focal points for these conversations include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Alignment around Shared Values, Purpose and Direction
  • Enhanced Connection and Rapport among Team Members
  • Managing Change and Transition
  • Organizational

What makes our facilitations so successful:

  • We create an environment where participants can trust that “all voices are heard” and “everyone’s needs matter.”
  • We leverage conflict within the team to create connection around what matters to the individuals involved and to the team and organization as a whole.
  • Embedded training provides participants with new tools and new ways of thinking.
  • Pre-event elements initiate the conversations weeks before the in-person event, stimulating early engagement and preparation so that participants “hit the ground running” when the in-person event begins.
  • All elements of the project are designed to link together and build upon the prior elements to achieve the project outcomes.
  • Sessions are designed to be highly interactive, using a wide array of formats for self-reflection and structured conversations within pairs, small groups and large groups.
  • Technology is leveraged when beneficial to provide collaborative tools such as video conferencing, webcasts and collaborative forums.