Nonviolent Communication Integration Program

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Nonviolent Communication Integration Program

from 250.00
Payment Plan:
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You can register as a residential participate or a commuter.

Residential participants will receive rooms and meals from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.  Commuters will receive Friday & Saturday lunch & dinner.  

Registration is for the duration of the five weekend program.  Class size will range from 15 - 30 participants.  Registration form accompanied by a $600 deposit will hold your space.

You are welcome to pay the total program fee at any time.  Otherwise, our payment plan is as follows:

                                                                                  Residential                          Commuter

With Application                                                      $600                                      $600                                                                                   

August 15, 2018                                                        $600                                      $600

September 15, 2018                                                  $600                                      $600

October 15, 2018                                                       $600                                     $600

November 15, 2018                                                   $500                                      $250

It is expected participants will pay the full fees even if they are unable to attend a segment of the program.  Payments over one week late will incur a $40 fee.  payment over a month let, without prior mutual agreement, is reason for removal from the program.

Registrations by June 1, 2019 will substantially support the success of this program.

Cancellation Policy:  The deposit will be refunded in full if we cancel the workshop.  If you withdraw before June 1, 2019 we will refund the deposit minus $100.  If you withdraw after June 1 there will be no refund of the deposit.