We offer the following processes in a variety of formats. We build our presentations around your structures. We look forward to crafting a dynamic offering just for you.




Communication Workshops

Would your organization benefit from simple direct skills for communicating and connecting even in the midst of stress and conflict? As trainers, we enjoy sharing the skills associated with Nonviolent Communication (NVC), the work developed by clinical psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. Our dynamic interactive workshops give everyone the skills to build authentic harmony at work.  



Facilitation is the process of increasing the ease & effectiveness with which a group functions. Whether it’s a board of directors, a department at work, a church committee or an activist organization, people have come together to work toward a particular purpose. There are problems to solve, tasks to complete, and decisions to make and it is not unusual to run into rough waters at times. As facilitators, we can utilize a variety of processes that guide you to greater creativity, sustainable efficiency and effectiveness. 



Needs-based Mediation combines the proven cost effective benefits of mediation with the enhancing focus of Nonviolent Communication. This assisted conversation is a valuable way to reconnect key people who are in conflict so that once again their creativity and collaboration is available to the organization’s mission.


Mindfulness Workshops

Practical Mindfulness provides benefits that are now widely documented by a large body of research. Utilizing our decades of personal mindfulness practice, we can help groups develop mindfulness tools that suit their situation. Through mindfulness we cultivate the skill to bring our mind and body together to be fully present. This increases connection and the ability to contribute to the group’s mission. It also builds personal wellbeing and group sustainability.


Coaching & Assessment

In conjunction with training staff in the skills and consciousness of Open Communication, it’s helpful to look at how your organization’s communication structures support the organizational culture you long for.